Surrealism Exhibition - Six essays on the Fantastica Films and Post

Exhibition that I did in the last mouth of 2013.
I always liked the collage style and how artists cut images to bring new meaning to photographies. Also last year I studied some principles of surrealism and I applied these techniques in a small exhibition to celebrate 6 months that I have been worked in Fantastic Films and Post.

Six essays about the Fantastic is a visual summary of the abstract aspects of a company . " According to the surrealists , art should liberate them from the demands of language and reason and go beyond everyday consciousness, seeking to express the world of the unconscious and dreams . " In these essays I was tried to portray the unconscious of a company, The Fantastic Films and Post and it was created based on the internal project "cinema heads" from Marlon Klug.

To create this I used the technique of digital collage to group visual elements and the automated writing to generate linguistic connections between these elements that constitute the company. The goal was not a rational and objective representation but the subjective representation and abstract consciousness, seeking to express the collective unconscious in this Fantastic Films between the months of March to August 2013. 

Make use of the surrealist techniques and propose connections from the unconscious may seem bold, crazy and disgusting. But it also brings a new way of looking at what we see and live day by day. The essay does not propose to criticize but to look with new eyes because the role of art is not to provide answers but to raise questions based on the world and life.

"The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeing new landscapes , but seeing with new eyes." Marcel Proust
Text written by Estevao Chromiec
*To do the collages some images I shot and some images I take from the internet and books. I don't don't wanna broke copyrights because this I cut and paste the images to make other meaning to them, as many artists did before me using parts of magazines and books in their collages.

The Exhibition

Also I'd like give a special thanks to the guys that help me with this exhibition, Marlon Klug, Henrique Ribeiro, Rosane Melink and Rodrigo Stradiotto. And by last I want to give thanks to all people that Fantastica Filmes and Post.