The Mariachis

2013 was an year of hard work. I began to study figure drawing taking life classes and was very good to my drawings skill and artistic eye. More of the work was traditionally and I will take some photos to post here. At the same time I used my time to work in many productions doing many artworks and I will post them soon. 

For now this post I will show one work that I made in Fantastica Films and Post, The Mariachis. 
Here my role was work in the environment and make some improvements in the characters.

The first briefing placed the environment in a small industrial place.

 After that some changes in the idea take the scene to a small brazilian town.

The visual idea for the characters were made by the Advertising Agency and I did some improvements to help the animators with the pose sheet and some studies of form. 

I'd like to thank you Marlon Klug, Ivan Stephan, Leo S., Wotroba, Stradiotto, Karlos and Henrique Fantas that worked with me in this project.