Doctor's Office

For the same project I did some visual development for the set, the doctor's office. Here the Doctor Leaf meet the other characters to help them. The office have many details and a lot of storytelling. Marlon, Ivan and I saw many references and talked a lot about these details. I did a board that explain some of them to the production team. One of my favorite is a paint of Doctor Freud Leaf showed in details below.

Eco Bag

Another character that I created was the Eco Bag, she was funny and nice to do! I saw a lot of eco bags to see their texture and incorporate this in my work. I did some other boards to explain the details of her body to help the production team turn this character in 3d.

Girl + Guitar #2

I've been studied light and form by days doing exercises of observation and live painting but today I miss the old and good line drawing and I ask me "Why not? I picked up some paper and pens and did some doodles of a girl with guitar (2th passion of me) and ok I admite that I'm in a folk phase. haha - maybe more guitar and girls come to this blog! I hope you like and let me know. Best.

The Paper Towel

Here a character that I love. The "Paper Towel", he is very simple and have a lot of storytelling. To match his shape design I took some real paper towel and create some folds to think how could I give volume the character. The oil and the tears give a lot of storytelling. I hope you like.

Sardine Can

Another character that I did was a Sardine Can that have personality problems. She is very funny and charismatic. Marlon and I searched for a style that match some realistic features of the can with the cartoon style. The result was very good and was used to develop the all other characters too. 

I'd like to thank my friend Leo that gave me ideas to the hands of this character, Leo was the lead animator in the project and was very nice share information with him to develop a character that match the goals of the animators. Thanks man.


This sunday I did this doodle to practice some light and shadows techniques. Maybe I finish this with colors.

Doctor Leaf

Another project that I did with the guys of Fantastica Filmes + Post was a project that we called "Doctor Leaf". Unfortunately the project was cancelled. In this production I've the opportunity to do the character design of the main character, the Doctor Leaf, and some of the other characters. I'd like to thank my friend Jovan de Melo that gave me some help and critics while I did the character. Here some boards of the doctor.

I'd like to thank you Leo, Ivan and Marlon from the studio that help me a lot with ideas about the character and how he would be turned in 3d.