Newspaper Ads

For the last mounts I've doing many projects with the studio Fantastica Filmes + Post. I liked to work with this guys because they are very talented and creative! They work are fantastic and I'm glad to be part of these projects. Here a project that my role was doing the character design, the agency give us a montage about how the character must be and my role was push this to a better shape design, variations, details and to think how the character would be turned in 3d. I bought some newspapers and did my work.

I'd like to thank you all for comment and visit my blog. This encourage me to keep doing more. Thanks a lot.

Alice and the friendly Hatter

I did this image for a long time but I realized that I don't post it in my blog.  I think that is a good image and  deserve a place here! This was inspired in Alice!

Mill Studies and Call Outs

Working in the mill prop I did some boards with variation and call outs to help to understand the location. I did a 3d model and some paint-overs to finish this. I'd like to thank you my friend Nick Carver that teach me about this process. I learned a lot talking with you man, thanks. 

Mill Establishing Scene

The mill is one important location in the story, I did this night establishing scene because I want to give a mysterious mood. The colors that I'm working in these paintings are more vivid and saturated because I want to have a strong cartoonish style here.