Value Compositions - Steps

I'm motivated by the comment of Nikhita that asked me to do a step by step about how I did these value compositions. This scheme shows the more important steps in the process. I hope you like and if you need to know more about composition search for the book Famous Artist Course that have a chapter about this or look for the course with Jason Scheier in CGMA.


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    1. Thanks Elaine! I'll do more of this when I could.

  2. Wow, this is so helpful! I love how you did the water. Is there a shortcut to keep flipping the canvas? Do you keep doing that to make sure its correct in symmetry?

    1. Hey Nik, I flip the canvas because the movement of the eye in composition, it's about where the eye enters in the image and travel in it to other side. The first reading here are the animals, second the trees and enviro and third the birds showing the way to bremen. I use a shortcut to flip the canvas while I paint, this help me see the values. :)

    2. Wow that's nice. This is awesome. Thanks again for sharing! :)