Christmas Concepts - Character scheets

Wow, I wrote this post in december but this stayed as a draft and I saw this now. But have good characters here and I must show them. the post:

I like of the character of the grand mother and the daughter.

The last scene for the films are the family dinner with all characters together. 

Value Compositions - Steps

I'm motivated by the comment of Nikhita that asked me to do a step by step about how I did these value compositions. This scheme shows the more important steps in the process. I hope you like and if you need to know more about composition search for the book Famous Artist Course that have a chapter about this or look for the course with Jason Scheier in CGMA.

The Musicians of Bremen - Value Studies

We are continuing studying cinematography more deeply, this time with our own compositions and frame shots. I begin to work in a project named "The Musicians of Bremen" from The Brothers Grimm. This story is about 4 farm animals (a donkey, a cat, a dog and a cock) that make a fellowship and start a travel to find the city of Bremen to live there as musicians. Here I did some value studies to start the visual development of the story. Soon I'll post more about the characters and the environments.

Hugo Thumbnail Studies

This studies are from the movie Hugo from Scorcese, this movie won the Oscar of cinematography and it is a very good reference in terms of composition. I started a new course in CGMA with Jason Scheier and our first class was about composition and thumbs, it was a good moment to study the Scorcese film and learn more about camera shots and perspective. Special thanks to my new classmates that opened a discussion about basic fundamentals, hard edges and details, this things help me a lot. It's nice to meet new friends in this art journey. Here are the thumbs, I hope you like.