Who is Niamh Keegan?

I was invited to create an artwork based on a character from "Cuckoo" a movie series from Ireland. This 4 part Drama is about a rebellious teenage girl stuggling to fit in with her family and society and something happens that change everything in her life. I like to work with her character and the possibilities that come from her like saturated colors and grunge style.

You can watch the movie online and follow the notes of the production in social medias. It's very nice to see what this guys from Ireland are doing! Cuckoo is competing in RTÉ Drama's competition from a channel RTÉ from Ireland. If you like the movie you can vote to support the guys.


Thanks for the opportunity and good luck Niamh Keegan!

Figure Drawing

This days I've been doing more figure drawings. Soon I'll post more works. I hope you like.