Christmas Santa Claus

I've been very busy last mouths working in one advertising campaign for christmas. This campaign was very good and creative because the client choose to make a 2d animation and my illustration was chose to bring the visual concept for the campaign. The style and design follows the fifties animation cartoons.

I worked in many position in the process. In the pre-production I was the main illustrator for the art concepts, character design, layout design and compositor for the post production process.

I'm glad to work with good professionals that bring to life my concepts in 2d animation and helped me to improve the final compositions. I've a lot of content to post here, I going to save for web all this and I'll post them here.

The first of them is the Santa Claus character and the color styles for one scene of the first 2d commercial. I hope you like and I want to know what you think. Please comment.

I'm so grateful to the people of the Wings agency and the people of the Studio Amazing Graphics Brazil for the opportunity to work in this abstract and stylish concept.


  1. What fantastic designs! I love the pose sheet! I'd love to see this Santa animated. The two poses on the right are wonderful. The final compositions are beautiful, too! Really great work. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hey es! this is great! cant wait to see the rest of the work you have been doing! Love the style i can defiantly tell there's 50's influence in there. Im loving all four color combos, my favorite would be the blue background with the blue window, it makes it feel like its cold and its late and everyone's in their beds asleep. looking forward to the rest of your designs! :)

  3. Thanks for comment Chris and Reem! I'm glad that you like. Reem you right, the chose colors for the movie are the blue/blue..., Chris I'll post the movie in another post, keep contact! Thanks.

  4. These Santa Claus has very appealing shape and design! You've got great style too!
    Merry Christmas! ^^

  5. Thanks Nicholas, I'm glad with your comment and visit! Your work rocks man! Let's keep contact.