Christmas Concepts - Family's Grand Father

In the all character the most charismatic and my favorite is the grand father. I think that his shape and design and his role in the film are very funny and joy! I love when he goes behind the christmas tree and turn his up in Santa Claus, the kids jump and smile a lot! It's so funny.

Here the model sheet for the Grand Father normal and when he turns in Santa Claus character.

 Here some layouts of the scene.

Santa's Variations

I did a lot of variations for the shape of Santa Claus. The scripts changed many times and in one of this changes we'll need a lot of Santa's in the same scene, but, this scene was cancelled and I didn't finish this. But, the shapes are funny and I think you'll like.

Christmas Concepts - Snow Storm

This is another scene that I like a lot. Here my first suggestion is the side angle of camera but we change this to another angle to add more depth in the sleigh. I'm posting here the 2 version of the scene, the side view in pencils and color style (unfinished) and the final version in another perspective. I hope you like!

Christmas Concepts - Santa Claus Confused

This is one of my favorite layouts for this films. I could explore the abstraction of this style in this image and I think that this yellow color palette match very good in this composition. It's a good thing look more accurately this image, specially in the list of itens. I hope you like and please comment.

Christmas Concepts - Christmas in family

In the film 3 new characters were introduced, a father, mother and their sun. I love work in this characters because they have a lot influence of the UPA cartoons and the Disney's in the fifties. Here I'll post the first scene of this film and the model sheets of this characters. I hope you like.

The model sheets for each character and their the main poses.

Christmas Concepts - Across the Sky

Here the last scene for the film 01. The main color for this movie was the Blue. 
I didn't do a character sheet for the reindeers because they've a small role in the films, but I work to put a lot of charism in this funny characters.   

Christmas Concepts - Santa's Fabric

For the last scene of the film I work in the Santa Claus fabric. I'd like so much of this concept because I begin to explore more abstracted shapes here. Unfortunately this scene was changed by another with the Santa Claus flying in his sleigh. This scene is not finished, I did only pencils and color styles, my choice is for the first one with the purple machines. I hope you like.

Christmas Concepts - Santa in the house

We work together in 3 films. The first introduce the Santa Claus character that do funny things when delivery presents. Here I post some layouts for this first movie. I'll post more soon.

Christmas Santa Claus

I've been very busy last mouths working in one advertising campaign for christmas. This campaign was very good and creative because the client choose to make a 2d animation and my illustration was chose to bring the visual concept for the campaign. The style and design follows the fifties animation cartoons.

I worked in many position in the process. In the pre-production I was the main illustrator for the art concepts, character design, layout design and compositor for the post production process.

I'm glad to work with good professionals that bring to life my concepts in 2d animation and helped me to improve the final compositions. I've a lot of content to post here, I going to save for web all this and I'll post them here.

The first of them is the Santa Claus character and the color styles for one scene of the first 2d commercial. I hope you like and I want to know what you think. Please comment.

I'm so grateful to the people of the Wings agency and the people of the Studio Amazing Graphics Brazil for the opportunity to work in this abstract and stylish concept.