Fairy Tales

I've studying the old masters compositions since my grad school time and stimulated by some fairy tales that I've read I paint a goblin portrait based on the old masters. It's was a good opportunity to practice the studying of mood and low key composition. I hope you like.

Some of the process:

The Dressmaker

More one character, but now made a robot design. She is The Dressmaker. Who don't remember of the old singer® machines?! This old machines have strong design elements and this was the inspiration for this work. Next time I'll try something more sci-fi, maybe.

Rose - Character Design

This is my character Rose that I had made for my classes. She was a rocker girl, a rockstar! It was very funny made her because her slim shape and details! She is very tall, have dynamic hair and very nice tatoos! She's love guitars and have a strong personality. I hope you like.

Prop Design - Victorian Piano

In my classes of Digital Painting I made this piano, the idea become for the character that use it... I think in someone with large shoulders and big hands but small legs... he is a royal man like a prince in the 1800 years. Maybe he bought a custom piano with a large keyboard for his hands, he had weight hands and fingers because his huge shoulders, for this I put a strong wood like rosewood! And the lights and the paint are because his is a prince and probably he will play the piano for royal friends. Finally, in 1800 they don't had energy lights and internet... because this the paint and the music are tools for entertain the royal family. This was my (fun) brainstorm process to made this. :) I hope you like!

Some people ask me to draw the character for the piano, I'll make this soon.. :)