Drunk Lady

This week I worked in a character for my class, she's was a drunk lady.


This week I made this landscape to my class:

Landscape Steps

Here I post the steps that I made to made this landscape, you will see that have a lot of influence by Jeff Turley's work. But I could use my studies about rocks here. Firty I made a large research about what want to paint, in this case I want to make something like a different houses builded over a cliff.
Here the references and my sketch.

Then, I made the color thumbnail:
And the paint process:

Trees and Rocks Studies

My studies about how use simple graphics to represent the reality continues in we second class. But here, I've made some particular studies about rocks and trees, specially by the  Michael Humphries studies from the movie Open Season.

In this one I studied texture, you can see the clean up versin and the textured:

The Pallet from the open season movie is very different and remember autumn colors.

 Here, some trees and plants.

Thumbnail Studies

Hi everybody, I don't post nothing since abril because a lot of things happen in my life in this mouths. But, today I could post some new materials from studies that I made.

Fisty some thumbnails studies from movies, I'm studying digital painting with Erik D. Martin and own firsty class was about this. I hope you like.